March 21, 2008

white out

I can't believe that it's snowing again. And not just a couple flurries. Oh no. We're in the midst of a full-fledged winter storm warning. Yuck. I'm sooooo over it. Rather than looking out the window and seeing loads of of the white stuff falling, I'd rather pretend that I'm here.

(photo from Marie Claire Maison)

I'm imagining that we're sitting down to an evening meal after a long, relaxing day spent on the beach. We'll dine on fish just off the grill and salads brimming with perfectly ripened summer veggies. Chilled, bubbly prosecco fills our glasses, and a strawberry shortcake is the perfect sweet ending to the meal. As we settle back into our seats with bellies full, we'll quietly enjoy each other's company as the sun sets along the waterfront.


karey m. said...

did someone say prosecco? i'm there.

poor chicago girl.

Contented Me (Kristin) said...

thanks, karey! the good news is that we've had sunny weather since then so a lot of the snow has already melted. keep the sun coming, I say!