March 10, 2008

scream for ice cream

Summer will be back in just a few months, and that means it's ice cream time! I definitely find myself craving it a little bit more as the days start to get longer and the temps slowly climb up the scale. Usually by summer's end I've had more than my share of ice cream, but really, does anything beat a cool, delicious cone on a hot day? How am I to resist?

Lucky for us, we got an ice cream maker for Christmas this year (thank you, Keri!) and can't wait to try out some recipes for the homemade goodness! We attempted a vanilla with peppermint chip concoction, but it just didn't turn out and ended up more like frozen milk. Still tasted good, though it wasn't exactly the right texture.

Sounds like I've got myself a challenge! By summer's end, I'm hoping to have perfected the art of ice cream making, and I'm sure I can get plenty of practice with these on my bookshelf.

(The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz, The Ultimate Ice Cream Book by Bruce Weinstein, A Passion for Ice Cream by Emily Luchetti.)

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