December 21, 2011

a pretty place

Loving this little cabin in the snow...

December 20, 2011

holiday gifting: gals

There's still time! (Yes, I'm talking to you, Procrastinators.)
Just a few ideas for the ladies...


(initial ring; drawer liner; pouch; earrings; bangle)


December 15, 2011

holiday gifting: guys

Only 10 shopping days left! Some gift ideas for the guys on your lists...

(down sweater)

(Clockwise from left: mug; salts; book; sneakers; bag)

(wooden alarm clock)


(Clockwise from top left: watch; tie; socks; card holder)

(flannel shirt)

Tell me -- are you done with your shopping already? I'm about 80% there. Just looking for a few more things to wrap up my list for the year. Phew... it's exhausting!

xo, Kristin

December 14, 2011

christmas decorating

My love for the season only grows as I peek around the web...

These are just a small collection of my favorites, and it is without doubt that I could actually get lost for days just looking at all the inspiration there is out there.

(Images from top: glitter deer; peace joy love pillows; wood & wool tree; christmas block letters; felt ball wreath; twinkle tree and fireside chairs; champagne cooler; wish flags.)

December 9, 2011

tgif & a fun weekend ahead

I am so excited for tonight... we're meeting a big group of friends out at one of my favorite French bistros for a yummy dinner that will hopefully include copious amounts of butter, champagne and chocolate. And lots of laughs, too! I've been looking forward to this night for weeks and don't want to admit how many times I've already looked at the menu online to think about what I might order. ;)

And if that isn't enough, I'm co-hosting our 6th annual(!) cookie exchange with some amazing girlfriends who I don't get to see nearly enough. Can't wait to take home a tray of fresh-baked cookies from all my lovely ladies.

What are you up to, Friends? Hopefully you've got something to look forward to this weekend, too.

xo, Kristin

(Image via From Me To You. You've gotta check out this photography. Uh-mazing!)

December 8, 2011

holiday gifting: cozy

A few gift ideas for keeping cozy on blustery winter nights...

(Candle Trio; A Very She & Him Christmas; PomPom Beanie)

(Cozy Cup of Chocolate Gift Set; Shea Butter Lotion; Loop Funnel; Dot & Stripe Slippers; Perla Pillow)

(Blanket Throw)

What are some goodies on your holiday lists this year? Anything you're hoping to find under the tree?

December 7, 2011

10 things: getting to know mary loves

This week's 10 Things is brought to us by sweet Mary of Mary Loves. I just know that if Mary and I lived down the street from one another - rather than across the country - we would be friends. Friends who bake treats for each other, enjoy cocktails on our front porches together and celebrate summer at a local street fest with our families. There are times that Mary will write something, and I would just swear that I was thinking the exact same thing. I love popping over to Mary Loves to fill up my cup of inspiration.

I never tire of... watching sunsets. I suppose there are lots of things I could've put at the end of that sentence, but this is what leapt to mind, and it's certainly true. Every sunset is different, beautiful, magical, and peaceful. And if you have the opportunity to sit and really watch one? Well that is a good day.

The most romantic thing a person can do is... listen. Flowers or a surprise gift or trip are wonderful, certainly, but isn't it the best when you feel like you are truly being heard? If you want to be romantic, have dinner. (Making it is a nice touch.) Really look into her eyes over a good bottle of wine. And listen.

When I need to blow off steam I... take a walk. Getting out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature. That's where I find peace.

I'm happiest when... I'm having tickle fights with my boys. Or reading stories with my boys. Or just watching them sleep. You get the picture, don't you? My boys are my love, and all I have to do is look at them to feel happiness.

I always wanted to be... well I don't know about always, but what I talked about the most as a kid was an astronaut. I really thought I'd end up going into science in some way. However, differential calculus kicked my butt in college, so economics and business won out.

The best thing I ever ate was... snails in Paris. Sorry, escargots. But really, let's just call them what they are. They were drenched in olive oil and garlic and were simply amazing. I know what you're thinking. "Really? Snails?" I could say blueberry ice cream, or lobster, or any number of amazing things I've had. The reason why I chose snails is because it was such a memorable meal. My sister and I visited Paris in my early twenties. It was my first trip to Europe. We ate at a true Parisian restaurant recommended to us by a friend. It was a tiny little room with just a few tables. The chef came out and had drinks with us afterwards. We drank wine. We laughed and laughed and I swear our French was better the more we drank. The meal was amazing in every sense, and I don't even remember anything else we ate. So I'm going with snails.

My signature dish is... a strawberry-almond cream tart. And sangria. I make a mean pitcher of sangria.

My favorite thing about my house is... it's a tie between my front porch and my bathroom. I adore having a front porch. I love being able to sit outside, watching a thunderstorm roll through. I have always preferred front porches to back decks, since I feel they are much more effective at connecting you with your neighbors. My bathroom, though, is pretty awesome. We have renovated a lot of our house so far, and this bathroom is perfect. Nice big shower, where I can stand and look across the street at the river. And a big clawfoot tub. I don't get to use it often enough, but oh, when I do...

I could spend the whole day... listening to music and trying to play my guitar. I love finding new music. And when I find a band I like, listening to an album all the way through. And then listening to my favorite songs again, really getting to know them.

The best thing to wake up to is... the sunshine and chirping birds. Of course, I have two little ones, so I haven't been woken up that way in a really long time. I have a CD alarm clock, and I had cello music in there for a while - that was nice. Right now I'm waking up to Pearl Jam during the week and "Mom! I want to wake up!" on the weekends.

Mary - thank you so much for sharing with us. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that your Parisian dinner sounds amazing, and yes, I'd love a sangria! ;)

xo, Kristin

(Images: 1. mary's; 2. mary's; 3. cafe; 4. tart; 5. mary's; 6. guitar)

December 2, 2011

holiday gifting: books

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
~C. S. Lewis

Maybe it's because I love to read so much, but I've always thought that books make good presents. Here's a gaggle of books, some of which might just be under my Christmas tree this year...

For the nightstand -

For the kitchen -

For the playroom -

For the coffee table -

(All books available here.)