March 20, 2008

hippity hoppin'

I know this is going to make me sound like I'm about 8 years old, but I cannot wait for Easter this year. The reason? Candy!! I gave it up for Lent - all of it, the chocolatey and the sugary, the hard candies and the gummies. I even bid adieu to chocolate chips, which I know aren't candy, but are so often my go-to when I need a quick fix that I just knew that if I didn't get rid of them too, I'd not really be making much of a sacrifice. So anyway, my last forty days have been spent missing all those delicious m&m's, skittles and swedish fish... and my peanut butter has been very lonely without its chocolate chips. But miss them no more! In 3 short days I can gobble all those craveable goodies and then some.

We won't be heading up to my parent's house until next weekend, when we celebrate a whole slew of fun things: dad's bday, his retirement and Easter. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that my mom brings home one or two of these:

Growing up, these decadent Chocolate Fudge Eggs were an Easter staple. The Easter Bunny always brought just one for the family to share, and I can still picture my mom at the cutting board with the dreamy fudgy egg, dividing it up for the four of us. The chewy, buttery fudge center is rich and thick, and covered in a shell of delicious milk chocolate. Drool. My sister and I would always fight over the sugar flower... ah, the memories!

There is nothing like these Seroogy's fudge eggs, and I bet they'll be doubly good this year because of my candy fast. I'd better call my mom to make sure she remembers to get one for us. I call the flower!

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Jessie Cacciola said...

ooo, I need chocolate NOW! =)
- Jessie -