August 31, 2011

guest post at reverie daydream

Hi Friends - I'm so excited to tell you that I've got a guest post up over at Reverie Daydream. Scoot on over if you get a chance, and if you haven't seen it before, I just know you're going to love Mel's little space.

And sorry that I have been a bit absent lately, but my days have been crazy-busy. I'm hoping that changes next week.

If I can't get back online before then, have a wonderful holiday weekend!

xo, Kristin

August 17, 2011

wednesday inspiration

Images like this inspire the heck out of me...

(Via here.)

August 16, 2011

design inspiration: a gardener's balcony

Isn't this balcony - full of potted plants and flowers - a delight?

Kinda makes me want to grow eggplants because they're just so pretty to look at.

(Image via here.)

August 15, 2011

spotlight: perideau designs

Ah, birthday parties.

We've got a two-year old birthday party on the horizon (for two!) and already the wheels are turning for this year's theme.

Whales, perhaps?

I think Bridgett's use of bold colors and modern, simple designs is brilliant.

(For more from Perideau Designs, click here.)

August 12, 2011

coconut bliss ice cream

I think I might need to try some of this coconut milk ice cream...


(Available at Whole Foods. For more info, click here.)

Have a great weekend, Friends! Do you have plans? Wade is going out of town on a golf outing and my days are wide open. I'm happy to fill them with long walks, a visit to the farmer's market and the zoo, and plenty of cuddles with the kids. And it must be that the weather is feeling more comfortable because I've suddenly got the urge to bake something. Hmm... perhaps this?
xo, Kristin

August 11, 2011

spotlight: farmaesthetics

I've read about Farmaesthetics online. The farm-grown, organic skincare products have gotten a lot of buzz lately. I never knew there was a shop, though, until we started on our run down Bellevue Avenue in Newport last Saturday. There it was just across the street from our hotel. I popped in on Sunday morning, and the apothecary boutique was every bit as charming as I would have imagined.

Every inch of the small space was considered - from the black-and-white striped awning on the storefront to the antique mantle at the fireplace. There was one whole wall of glass-front cabinets holding rows of glass bottles and stacks of tins. No detail was overlooked, and the result was a crisp, quiet space with a very old-world feel.

Listening to jazzy tunes in the background, I could have spent the entire morning perusing the lotions and potions. (And probably would have if Wade wasn't with me.)

I wasn't able to get all the things I would have liked (darn those carry-on rules!), but I still came away with a few goodies and a handful of samples the sales girl graciously threw in.

Next time? I am so signing up for a facial.

(Farmaesthetics Apothecary 144 Bellevue Ave Newport, RI)

August 10, 2011


I've got to add a new favorite to my list... Newport, RI.

Cresting the bridge into town took my breath away as the view opened up to amazing beach houses, sailboats in the harbor, and vibrant, colorful flowers galore. It was postcard pretty.

We stayed in a lovely old hotel that stood among shops, restaurants and the mansions on Bellevue, which were so enormous my idea of mansion is forever changed. (Think 140,000 square feet!)

We wined, we dined (on plenty of fresh seafood) and even got a chance to catch a flick on a rainy afternoon. Oh, and how could I forget this? We slept in! (I haven't slept until 8:00 since before the kids were born. What a treat!)

It was the perfect long weekend away, and after only a few days there, I completely fell in love with this little city on the sea.

All that's missing was The Twinkies. It was the first time I was away from them for so long, and I missed them loads. I was so happy to see them when we got home! (and it made leaving all that much easier.)

(Image via here.)

August 3, 2011

spotlight: little brown pen

The Paris Color Project.

Capturing the loveliness of Paris one photograph at a time...

Wouldn't it be amazing to go on a picture-taking adventure with Nichole and Evan of Little Brown Pen?

(To see the rest of the collection or to purchase, click here.)

August 2, 2011

recipe to try: banana cream pie

Mel wrote about this pie over a month ago, and I am still thinking about it!

(I suppose it doesn't help that I have it saved in my favorites, and the words banana! cream! pie! stand out to me like they're in neon.)

I think it's high time I make one...

And I am definitely going to follow Mel's advice and save a piece for breakfast. yum!