February 19, 2009

diy: hanging handkerchief vases from once wed

Once Wed is chock-full of wonderful ideas that could apply to all sorts of occasions (and not just weddings). You'll find ideas for amazing table settings, see fabulous stationary & invitations, and learn how to create lots of great diy projects at home. Like these Hanging Handkerchief Vases. They are so pretty and totally post-worthy (even for all the non-brides out there). I’d like to make a few and just hang them in my kitchen, swapping out the flowers as necessary.

(Click here for the steps for making these lovely handkerchief vases by Laurie.)

February 18, 2009

tinctory shop on etsy

La la love this.

Made to look like unglazed porcelain, this necklace is actually made from off-white silk smocked with white cotton thread. I think it would look so lovely over a simple black tee. Or ooh! wouldn't it look great on some nice summery-tanned skin with just a tank-top? (seriously day-dreaming of summer...)

Unglazed from Tinctory.

February 17, 2009

spotlight: story by mia

Some very dear friends of mine will be welcoming little ones later this year (congrats again A, G & J!!) so now begins my hunt for unique, adorable and affordable gift ideas. Naturally, one of my first stops was Etsy, and look what I found! These hand-screened onesies are oh so sweet. Made from organic cotton, with delightful little designs, the onesies are for the modern moms who want to dress their babes in style.

Onesies from Story By Mia on Etsy.

February 16, 2009

spotlight: tina tarnoff

Perhaps it’s from the Valentine’s weekend high or maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for romance, but I really really love this amazing paper-cut art by Tina Tarnoff. I’m swooning over it. The image is hand-cut from a single (just one?!) sheet of paper, making each piece from the artist an original.

I think it’s beautiful. They all are, actually.

(Autumn Kiss papercut by Tina Tarnoff.)

February 13, 2009

tgif + happy valentine's day!

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here. I’m looking forward to some quiet time at home, baking cookies and maybe going to see a movie tomorrow night. No matter your plans for Valentine's Day, I hope you get to spend it with those you love.

Strawberry Heart by Life Love Paper on Etsy.

See you next week!
xo, Kristin

February 12, 2009

So sorry I haven't been posting the last couple days... busy busy at work and not feeling very well to boot. I'll get back to you with a few posts soon.

xo, Kristin

February 9, 2009

painted pink pantry

Wow. I never knew how much I wanted a pink pantry until I spotted this... It would look so purdy in my kitchen. And is that milkglass I spy? Ahh... be still my heart.

(Photo via Country Home.)

February 6, 2009

tgif & a recipe!

I have a busy weekend ahead - a bridal shower tomorrow afternoon, a bachelorette party later that night, and my husband's parents are coming in from the 'burbs for dinner on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to all the fun... and also the 50 degree temps the weather-man has been promising!

In whatever spare time I have, I'd like to make these.

(Chocolate Lollipops from Kraft)

Have a great weekend, everyone!
See you next week!

vintage grain sack pillows

I must be nesting. Lately all I can think about is bringing stuff home to make my house prettier and more cozy. Which brings me to these pillows.

Aren't they lovely? The pillows are made from nubby-linen, vintage grain sacks with simple blue stripes running down the center. Only problemo is that these are $125 each, and that's more than I can spend; especially when I have a pup who likes nothing more than to chew on whatever soft goods she can get her paws on.

So do any of you know of another place where I can get grain sack pillows? Or maybe just the grain sacks?

February 5, 2009

design inspiration: striped rugs

I've been totally digging striped rugs lately. How can I not when I see them in great interiors like these?

Matt Albiani's Foyer in the Domino Mag house tour.

This romantic pink and red bedroom.

Amanda Peet's living room. Check out all those fabulous stripes!

So that's why I ordered this a couple nights ago...

February 4, 2009

Some pretty things to look at on this mid-week day...

This Kitten Yo-yo Necklace from Cookoorikoo.

This red and pink pillow-strewn day bed on Country Home.

These handmade felt "Dot" vases by Papaver Vert at Rose & Radish.

February 3, 2009

valentine card round up - part 2

And here's Part 2. Again, all for sale at Etsy. Love is in the air -- so go and spread some cheer!

Row 1: Valentine Vespa from Winifred Studios, You and Me from Julie Ann A, Love Valentines from Creative Thursday;

Row 2: Heart Balloon From Little Brown Pen, Together from Sarah Parrott, Fold & Seal Valentines from Vol 25;

Row 3: Strawberry Heart Bunny from Argyle Whale, Love You Pop-up from Tracy Chong

February 2, 2009

valentine card round up - part 1

Part 1 of a two-part round-up of lovely handmade Valentine's. All for sale at Etsy.

Row 1: PB to my J from Sarah Marie Designs, XOXO Mini Card from Paper Hearts Card Co.;

Row 2: Set/3 Children's Valentine's from Little Brown Pen, Valentine Tickets from Boys Mama X Two;

Row 3: Valentine Tree from The Craft Pantry, Hedgehogs from Twin Raven Press.

PS - those Hedgehogs are quite possibly the cutest creatures ever...