March 6, 2008

and puppy makes 3!

Wade is flabbergasted over the fact that I have been steadily posting for the past few months and have said nary a word about our new puppy. So without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to LuluBear WhitePaw. Also known as Lulu.
We adopted Lulu back in January, and since then lots of people have asked us "what is she?" and the answer is "not a clue!" All we know is that her mom was a golden retriever mix. But mixed with what? Newfie? Chow? I think she looks like a bearcub. Could we possibly have a puppy/black bear mix? Sometimes, I'd be sure that she's actually part devil. Those are the moments when she's got her teeth clamped down on my ankle because I had the nerve to walk past her across the room. Or when she tore Wade's new pants. Or the time when she destroyed a roll of toilet paper in about 2 seconds, leaving little white "feathers" floating around the bathroom in her wake. {that one was actually pretty funny}

The thing is, though, that even when we'd always enjoyed our cozy little home - just the two of us - now that we have Lulu, I can't imagine not having her. That little pup has left such a mark on me, that I just melt when I see her. We're having a great time and laughing more than ever. And our quiet, cuddle times are what I treasure most. It's the three of us now, and what a happy family we are!


thebeadgirl said...

oh, i think i'm in love!
so cute. i think i need another puppy!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh. Too cute!

Contented Me (Kristin) said...

Beadgirl & Laura - thanks! i agree! (though I'm sure i'm biased.) I'll be sure to post more photos because she's already so much bigger than the picture here. they grow too fast!

shi(f)t said...

that puppy is adorable! congrats on the little addition to the fam (and love love love the name lulu

Kristin said...

Hi Shift - I didn't even see your comment until now... we were going around and around with names, and then all of a sudden it hit me - Lulu! - and it was a perfect match with her. She looks a lot different now. I'll have to post some updated pics.