April 29, 2008

annie and olive

Sweet name. Adorable goodies.

I am loving the delightful collection of handmade hair clips and jewelry over at the Annie and Olive Etsy shop. Each piece is handmade from fabrics and felt with pretty little details just perfect for girlies young and old.

April 25, 2008

lesson on living {grab a tissue}

Even if you do nothing else today, please make a visit over to Mackin Ink to read this.

Karey shares a story from her heart. A story of love and of loss. And of hope and of courage. And of mothers and daughters and sisters.

I hope you find as much inspiration in it as I did.

Fight for It from DazeyChic's Etsy shop.

April 24, 2008

thoughts to ponder

Bricked In - from ArtByChrysti's Flickr photostream.

I've got creative block. It crept in a week or two ago... and again this morning I was sitting at my computer thinking about what I might like to talk about today, and nary an idea came to me. Same goes for yesterday. Sigh.

Not that there aren't tons of wonderful things out there to write about. I just can't seem to pin down my thoughts. They're all just fluttering about in my brain but as soon as I think I've got one, it floats out of reach. And I'm stuck waiting for the words to come.

Well, I'm a little low-energy today, so I figured why wrack my brain when I can call on the wise words of some other {much more!} clever people out there? All I can do is try again tomorrow. These are a few quotes I have pinned up on my corkboard that I enjoy every day:

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am.

Let loose! You can't amaze the world unless you first surprise yourself. And remember, time's fun when you're having flies.
Kermit the Frog

This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing.
Maya Angelou

Keep a journal. Take more pictures. There's no point in making piecrust from scratch.
Nora Ephron

bake for me

I can think of about 5 different people that these adorable recipe cards would be perfect for. {Including me!} The set of 12 recipe cards features cute retro pictures of kitchen tools & quotes on white linen cardstock.

Bakers Recipe Cards from Invita Paper Studio on Etsy.

April 22, 2008

flutter clutter

I just love where this blogging world can lead us and who we meet along the way. Had I not started this blog, for example, then I never would have gotten an email from Cindy Rokoff way over in Portland, OR telling me a bit about her {lovely!} shop, Flutter. Sadly, I’m not one of the lucky ones who can just walk right in off the street, but I was able to get a taste of the Flutter experience online.

It’s packed with goodies galore that grabbed my attention and affection. Vintage furnishings and knick-knacks, lotions and potions, and baubles and beads gathered from around the globe. Some are old. Some are new. All are unique.

Cindy first opened the doors to Flutter in 2006 and is gearing up to celebrate its anniversary in May. She has enjoyed success over the past two years partly because her store is always changing and also because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. At the bottom of it all, she’s having fun, and it shows.

Thank you, Cindy, for welcoming me into your “wonderland”!

pillows that pop

Every year as spring makes its way in, I get the irresistible urge to redecorate. I guess it’s something about the renewal of spring. Newness blooms all around us, and so I feel the need to give my home a breath of fresh air as well. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that a complete re-do just isn’t gonna happen. I don’t have the wallet for it or the time. BUT what I can do is add little bits here and there to shake things up.

One of the simplest ways to make over a space – without emptying your wallet – is to invest in a few accent pillows. Adding lively pops of color and layering with interesting patterns and textures is a quick and easy way to awaken a sleepy room.

Here are a few toss pillows that I’ve got my eye on {available online from Flutter}:

(Clockwise from top left:)
Marzipan Pillow ($52)
A single bloom in pink and cream stands out on a neutral ground.

Mango Pillow ($72) Turn up the volume with the punchy colors of this floral patterned pillow.

Nouveax Golden Pillow ($68)
A bright shade of spring green is the background to a botanical fleurs-de-lis.

Mango Stripe Pillow ($58)
A striking pillow bedecked with bright jewel-toned stripes and a playful pom-pom trim.

April 18, 2008

little joy #22

I was having a pretty terrific Thursday anyway... only one more day until the weekend, a fun Bar Louie lunch with the gals from the office, my boss was away for the entire day, and it was warm and sunny out. And just when I thought my day couldn't get better, I came home to find this in the mail:

From my dearie niece Emma. I opened it and my heart melted.

It's hard to believe that I can have so much love for a little one {who isn't even my own!} but I do. From the moment I laid eyes on her.

She's got me by the heartstrings and isn't letting go.

covetable cap

Can you tell I feel like shopping?

Love, love, love this floppy sun hat from Urban Outfitters. The wide navy and pink stripes are nautical-chic, and the large brim is sure to cover my chinny chin chin from the bright rays.

Setting Sun Hat ($34)

April 17, 2008

my morning ritual

It goes something like this: Open closet. Sigh. Rummage through drawers. Sigh. Mutter I have nothing to wear under my breath. Repeat.

This is definitely no way to start the day.

If only I could buy every outfit from the Spring ’08 collection at Anthropologie. Then I’d never have to fret over what I’m going to wear.

The collection is full of flirty dresses, tailored jackets and snazzy sandals in lively patterns and vivid colors. Little details like fluted pleats, picot trims and flutter sleeves make every piece pretty and feminine.

My favorite outfit? The pleated Trace Paper Skirt paired with the sunshine-yellow cropped Geometric Jacket and sexy red Slingbacks. So dreamy. I have to have it.

Good bye closet dullsville; hello style!

Trace Paper Skirt ($148)
Geometric Jacket ($178)
Star Turn Tank ($38)
Bing Cherry Belt ($48)
Mapped Course Slingbacks ($168)

April 15, 2008


That's me after looking at the marvelous sneak-peak photos (like the one below) over at Design*Sponge. Amazing. Breathtaking. Brilliant. Superb. The list goes on and on...

I urge you to go now to see the rest of the awe-inspiring photos from London-based stylist Emma Cassi's home.

I wouldn't think twice about packing up and moving in today, but I get the feeling she isn't looking for roommates.

(photo from Design*Sponge)

won't you sing with me?

A B C D E F G… these Alphabet Cards are sweet as can be!

Designed and crafted by New York-based artist Ida Pearle, all 26 cards showcase a playful collage to represent each letter.

Every collage is hand-made with care using silk-screened artist’s paper and other specialty papers for accent and texture. As a special finishing touch, Ida also adds string, ribbons and cloth.

A great way to add a modern touch of d├ęcor to your tot’s bedroom while at the same time helping him learn his ABC’s!

As first seen on Elsie Marley (where the cards are displayed in an amazing pennant-like design).

April 14, 2008

sheer beauty

Yet another breath-taking print from Fieryeyed's Etsy shop that leaves me weak in the knees. The polaroid image captures a tranquil moment when day ends and makes way for night. A moment that begs you to stop, take a deep breath, and quiet your mind. The muted tones and soft lines evoke a feeling of tranquility. It's a peaceful moment, and I am so glad I can share in the magic of it.

Evening by Jenifer Altman

For more amazing photos check out Jenifer's portfolio here.

decal decor

I am loving these wall decals from Elephannie's Etsy shop. Her chic designs include blooming flowers and blossoming trees, and whimsical birdies and beasts. Monograms and wall words complete her collection {and yes, you can customize}.

The decals are a cheap and easy way to make a statement or to add a finishing touch to any room. And the best part? They're not permanent. So in case you decide that the fat little birdie sitting on the branch doesn't go with the rest of your living room decor, you don't have to sweat it. You can just peel it off... easy as pie!

I don't think I'd be sweating any of these for a loooong time.

Bird on Branch

Cherry Blossom Tree

Love Forever

April 11, 2008

lend a hand

Kinda creepy, yet totally cool.
From I Love UMA {urban materials + accessories}

Offer Hand Hook


beaker approved

Send your happy birthdays, thank yous and congrats in scientific style with these hip cards from Pink Loves Brown. No lab goggles necessary!

{And for anyone who doesn't get the Beaker reference... he was my favorite muppet.
Beaker: mee mee mee
Contented Me: you're welcome, Beaker.}

April 10, 2008

rainy day blues

It's been rainy and gloomy all day, and I can think of nothing better than going home tonight and vegging out on the sofa until bedtime...

comfy pj's + a pot of hot tea + one of my favorite chick flicks = a perfect night!

All this darn rain better make some pretty flowers!

April 9, 2008

indie shopping

Some pretty things from Indie Fixx Shop.

cupcake tea towel; dress form card; your life print
Handmade. Original. Lovely.

an organized home

Keeping your home tidy is a tough job, and it's a task that needs constant attention. But I think it could be a little easier - and less time-consuming - if you had a few of these lovely items from UK-based, Cox & Cox to help you organize. Time to tackle that clutter!

Magnetic Wipe Clean Board (about $28)

A list maker’s dream! This wipe-clean marker board looks like a sheet of loose leaf paper and can be used again and again for shopping lists, honey-do’s or whatever else needs remembering. And it’s green, too… with no paper waste. Just jot, do, erase and repeat!

Whitewashed Wood Peg Rail (about $75)

This peg rail is a catch-all for bags, coats, scarves and hats (or whatever else needs to find a home). It has a wonderful worn-out look with eight antiqued-metal hooks mounted on a whitewashed wooden plank.

Wire Mail Box (about $22)

“This wonderful wire mail box is great-looking as well as infinitely practical.” Looking like it's from another era, the mail box can be hung or left freestanding to catch loose letters and papers that pile up around the house.

Damask Notice Board (about $56)

A damask wrapped board set in a lovely antiqued wooden frame can be used to showcase photos and cards or appointment reminders and theater tickets. Seven “gulls egg” pins are included and so are four bird pictures for a little bit of inspiration.

April 7, 2008

sweet dreaming

As a little girl, I dreamed of having my very own canopy bed. My cousin, Stacy, had one and after every sleepover, I'd come home the next day and beg my mom for my own. The bed of my dreams was white and had a ruffly pink and white check canopy and matching bedding. It was the epitome of girly, and as far as my 11-year old self was concerned, it was the only bed for me.

Fast-forward 19 years and that canopy bed is a distant memory. A little blip on the long list of things I so badly wanted, needed when I was a kid. Or so I thought... until I saw this. Oh my, isn't it wonderful?! The lovely Leah Bed from Beach Dwelling.com is newly made with an old-world look. The graceful curves of the arched canopy and footboard and raised platform evoke a feeling of romantic nostalgia, and the steely gray finish is the perfect backdrop to a set of crisp white linens.

Oh that I don't have a guest bedroom because I could most certainly see decorating it around a pair of the Leah Beds. I'd finally get to live out that long-ago dream of having a canopy bed - even if it isn't in my bedroom.

April 3, 2008

"colorful, quirky, vintage & bazaar"

These are the things Selina Lake is into. And boy is she good at using these elements in her interiors. Lucky for us Selina’s gorgeous interiors are showcased page after delightful page in her new book Bazaar Style. My copy finally arrived yesterday after months of waiting, and after flipping through it I see that it was worth every minute.

Stylist-extraordinaire, Selina Lake has an eye for style and an uncanny knack for arranging old and new objects in fresh, fuss-free ways. Her style is graceful, feminine and romantic. It’s chic and casual. A self-professed rummager of flea markets, Selina is always on the look-out for treasures. Clever details, flowery patterns and bright pops of color show up again and again in her spaces.

If you’re into this, you should pick up a copy of her book. At the very least, check out her portfolio. And if you’re like me you’ll be wishing you could crawl right into some of the photos. Every room is warm and inviting and just feels special. These are the places where you feel so at home you think nothing of kicking your shoes off and putting your feet up on the coffee table. Or curling up in that oversized lounge chair for a long nap. The places where good friends show up again and again to spend long afternoons with lots of chatting and laughing.

This is the kind of home I hope to have.