January 26, 2011

it's time

Here we are nearly wrapping up January, and I haven't even gotten around yet to telling you about my resolutions for '11.

This year, I don't have a list. It's just one thing, actually. This year, I am not going to spread myself thin with too many commitments and too many to-do's. It happens all the time... I can't say no (or I don't want to say no) or I just have to finish this "one more thing" before I go do this, this or that, and I feel anxious the entire time because I'm trying to get everything done. And then I feel guilty when I'm unable to get to everything, which of course happens more often than not! And it's a horrible cycle that I don't like very much at all, and so I figure I can avoid the whole thing if I am just realistic about what I can and cannot commit to and do.

One project that has continually been pushed back is this very blog. I haven't been able to give it the time or the energy I had when I started on this adventure a few years ago, and the quality of my posts really shows it. I want to do better for you, but don't know how to fit that in with everything else. And so it's time I say goodbye. Maybe not forever. But definitely for now.

I want to thank you all so much for your visits. For listening to my stories and sharing your thoughts with me. The fact that you took the time out of your day to write something to me has made such an impact, I wish I had better words to say thank you.

And so... good-bye, Friends.
xo, Kristin

(Image via Tiny White Daisies)

January 20, 2011

decor idea: terrarium

Aren't terrariums cool? Little gardens growing beneath a glass dome. What a great way to add a fresh breath to your house -- especially during the dark days of winter. This example, with moss overflowing from the edges, is gorgeous...

I'd love to grow my own terrarium garden, but I'm not exactly sure how to begin. And this might sound like a dumb question, but how do the plants stay alive in there? Would I have to periodically take the top off so they can get some fresh air? Or does that defeat the whole purpose? I'm going to need to do some research. Any know-how you can share on the subject is much appreciated!

(Cloche available at Terrain.)

January 19, 2011

design book wish list

My design book wish list is really piling up! Here are a few titles I'd like to add to my bookshelf...

Sitting down with a good design book is one of my favorite things. I like nothing more than to pore over the pictures and imagine the rooms as my own. How about you? Have you read any of these or do you have others to recommend?

(All are available from Amazon.)

January 18, 2011

design inspiration: natural light kitchen

I've gone gaga over this kitchen...

A terracotta tiled floor, under-counter baskets, loads of natural light pouring in, a bright white beadboard ceiling, and a big table center-stage. love love love.

This is definitely getting tucked into the "dream kitchen" file.

What do you think? See anything here that's a must for your dream kitchen?

(Photo by Victoria Pearson via darling Mary.)

January 13, 2011


I'm still here. Beginning the new year at the same frenzied pace that I ended the old one with and still trying to get used to being a working mama. I'm a little tired from the whirlwind of activity that is our new "normal", but very much looking forward to the fresh start of a new year and for exciting adventures with my Twinkies.

This photo has nothing to do with my writing, but I thought it looked pretty, and I wanted to share.

I bought a plant on my lunchbreak today and now I'm posting this. I think it's clear that I'm getting a little tired of winter and all it's white.

(Image via Tiny White Daisies)