January 4, 2012

happy new year!

I am s l o w l y getting myself back in the routine after such a nice, refreshing break. All the Christmas stuff is put away, and I'm trying to find homes for the many new toys for the Twinkies. (A toy purge is definitely in the works.) All in all, our holiday was just lovely. How was yours?

Of course with a new year comes the chance to reflect on what's passed and to plan for my future. Here are a few things on my list for '12:

find a new yoga class.

learn how to (properly) use my camera.

wear heels more often. (like these!)

plan weekly date nights with the hubs.

eat fresher. eat greener.

work on empathy.

put together our wedding album.

and a doozie, which I realize is not entirely in my control, but I would certainly love to see happen in 2012:

sell our house and find a new one in the ‘burbs!

So, some big, some small, some that come with not much effort and others that require serious time and attention. And one that might need a little luck, too.

But I do think twenty-twelve is going to be a great year. Don’t you?

xo, Kristin

PS - I really love her list too.