March 31, 2008


Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work, sorting through the stack of mail, and discovering a lovely greeting card tucked in the middle of all those annoying neighborhood coupon books and credit card offers. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know someone was thinking about me and sent over some cheer. And it always works! No matter how sour my mood, I always perk up after opening a card.

These delightful Red Cap Cards are just the ticket for sending greetings. From happy birthday wishes to new baby welcomes, the cards have just the right amount of whimsy without being too cutesy. The delightful woodland creatures are straight from a magical land with “pony rides and party caps” and they’re sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Spread the love and send one of these to a friend!


karey m. said...

the pinata kids? and the gangly girl bringing balloons? break my heart. these are lovely...

Contented Me (Kristin) said...

Hi Karey! Did you see the adorable "Can I keep him" onesie under the Apparel section? I think I have to have it!

I have a couple cards that I picked up from a stationary shop in Bucktown... and I can't wait to send them! (although I think they'd be cute framed in a child's bedroom too).