March 13, 2008

chicago fave: the painted lady

The Painted Lady is one of my first stops when I’m looking for a one-of-a-kind, vintage-modern piece for my home. The charming Chicago shop is overflowing with hand-painted furniture, bedding, art, lighting and tableware. The goods are all stacked and layered about – lending to a totally laid back and cozy shopping experience. And best yet? It’s affordable. So affordable you can’t help but do a double take when you see the price tag, and then you feel that bubbly bliss that makes you hop up and giggle like a school-girl because you've just realized the bargain you're getting.

Beth, the owner, is a busy bee scouring flea markets and antique shops in pursuit of the perfect pieces. From vintage dressers and crystal chandeliers to newly made dishes and linens, the eclectic collection is always changing. And the bedding? Oh my – it’s dreamy. Remember when I was drooling over this? Well, I about fainted when I spotted it laid out on an old iron bed, in all its ruffly goodness. I think I squealed. And as I type this, I still cannot believe I actually walked out without it. {Sigh.} I have to work harder than ever to convince hubby that we need it.

Don’t think I walked out empty handed, though. Oh no… impossible. I nabbed the perfect white iron café stool ($22!!). It has just the right amount of nicks, scratches and wobbles. Not sure where it’s going – maybe the upstairs bathroom? – but it was too sweet to pass up. And Kate scored a lovely lounge chair ($625!!) upholstered in a soft yellow and white floral for her new apartment. It is the perfect chair – marrying a soft feminine look with a modern design.

Leaving that shop yesterday, we were two very happy peeps…

The Painted Lady * 2128 N. Damen Ave. * 773.489.9145

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shi(f)t said...

thanks for the tip--its on my list of places to go!