March 5, 2008

dad's big day

My dad turns 60 today. 60!! Now that's a milestone worth celebrating! And even though he doesn't read my blog {he's not exactly Mr. Technology}, I wanted to send out a big Happy Birthday to the blogosophere in his honor. Here's to many, many more!

Sadly, I won't be there to celebrate with him, but if I was, I'd most definitely make him this. German Chocolate Cake is a favorite around our house, and this Inside Out Cake looks amazing. Cue the mouth-watering.

Wow. I think I gained a pound just looking at it.

{is it bad if i choose to make it anyway?}


Jean said...

Wow, this looks decadent! How sweet of you to honor your father in a post.

karey m. said...

you were just telling me how chocolate makes you feel better...

so i think it only appropriate to make it and eat it when you can't be at your dad's fete!

{oh, i'll make any excuse for dessert!}