March 25, 2008

a chocolate chip cookie disaster (aka recipe to try: hazelnut blondies)

What happened?? I've been scratching my head over this ever since...

I decided I'd bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies last week, and after I spotted this recipe - touted as the "best ever" - I knew I had to try them for myself. I mean really, best ever? How am I supposed to pass that up. Not possible.

Well, I don't know what happened but these cookies were the biggest flops I have ever taken out of the oven. The taste was great, although a bit on the buttery side, but the texture? Awful. The cookies flattened like pancakes on the baking sheets. Sad, pathetic little pancakes. And, I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but the 4 cups of chocolate chunks were almost too much. Especially since the cookies flattened... they were nearly impossible to get off the baking sheets because of all the melty chocolate everywhere. Once they cooled, they were not at all the kind of cookie that I'd go for. I'm a soft and chewy cookie gal, and these were thin and crispy. After reading all the comments posted by others who have tried the recipe, I see that I'm in the minority, so it was obviously just me and not the recipe. {sigh} I hate it when that happens. I feel so left out! Like the time I was the only girl who didn't get invited to Jenny Gerber's sleepover party in fourth grade. Shivers.

Good thing I have this recipe to fall back on. Martha's done it again, and oh my goodness these Hazelnut Blondies are amazing. Quite easily in my top five favorite homemade desserts. And if you try these at home, by all means remember that dollop of Nutella. Spread it on nice and thick. Mmm... a little bit of heaven on your plate. You really should shut down from your computer and go make these. You'll thank me later. Now go get that oven pre-heated!

(As an extra chocolate bonus, I added 1/2 cup bittersweet chocolate chips and 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips to the dough... yum yum yum.)

Thank you so much Bake or Break for your post about this recipe. You've made my world a happier place!


karey m. said...

my trick to soft and gooey cookies? omit baking powder.

discovered when i...ummm...lost interest midway through baking and forgot the baking powder.

a clump of gooey mess. just the way i {now} like it.

Kristin said...

karey - thanks for the tip... i hadn't thought of that. isn't it great how sometimes those little mistakes end up being the best thing? i love it when that happens.

design for mankind. said...

Erin: So good, yet soooo bad.
Erin's Stomach: Hold me back, hold me back!!!!

Kristin said...

Erin - don't let your tummy down... doesn't she deserve these treats?!

Kelly said...

oh my gosh. you're not helping my afternoon hunger pangs AT ALL!!!

Jessie Cacciola said...

nothing beats nutella. i like to spread it on wafer cookies and then sprinkle coconut and make an ice cream, or make a sliced strawberry and nutella panini with loaf cake!
- Jessie -

Kristin said...

Wow Jessie - you are a clever one! Now I have to add wafers, coconut, ice cream and strawberries to my grocery list!

sunny said...

I was making my famous (to friends, coworkers and family) vanilla - chocolate chip cookies and was so excited to share them..and they turned out as yours did - totally flattened. I couldn't figure out why - thought too much butter but I followed the recipe exactly.

turns out (I researched online) I probably let the batter get too warm + used all butter and no the cookies melted in the oven and then baked.

next time I'll refrigerate the dough a bit before baking it OR not melt the butter in the microwave as I begin the cookies and use actual room-temperature-softened butter instead :)

here's to us both having success next time!

mmm...I need to bake cookies tonight, I think!

(PS: I love your blog! and I'm in the area..slightly.... north of you by about 90 minutes)

Kristin said...

Hi Sunny! Thanks for visiting! Now that you mention it, I'm sure the problem was the batter getting too warm. Hmm... oh well, there are far too many chocolate chip cookie recipes to try out there to get stuck on this one.

yay midwest girls!

Jennifer said...

Kristin, I'm glad you liked them! Aren't they the best?

Contented Me (Kristin) said...

Yep, Jennifer, they sure are! I think I might have to make them again this weekend just because they are so darn good.