September 10, 2010

happy friday!

Hello Friends!

My Friday letter might be a little late as I'm sure you're already on your way out for a night of fun, but I just wanted to pop in and wish you a lovely weekend. No plans for me tonight. Just some lazing on the sofa with Hubby. And a glass of wine.

I keep thinking that at this time last year, I was in the hospital eagerly (and anxiously!) awaiting the arrival of my Twinkies. I spent the day reminiscing with thoughts popping up whenever I looked at the clock... this time last year I was on my way to see the doctor; this time last year, I was being rolled up to the delivery wing; this time last year I was beginning to wonder if these babies were ever going to come. (Little did I know that it would take them *all* night to make their grand entrance!) I know I'm the proverbial broken record, but I just can't believe it's already been a year!

And boy am I looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow will be all about celebrating my little H-man and Millie Monkey. And then Wade and I are going to get all dolled up for a friend's wedding that night. I can't wait to put on my dancin' shoes!

Whatever your plans, I hope your weekend a good one!
xo, Kristin

PS - they're my little super heroes.

(Super Heroes at Rosy Designs on Etsy. Do go check out her shop if you have time. Adorable prints.)

September 9, 2010

kiddie stuff: wooden blocks

Maybe it's just the designer in me...

But I am totally digging these wooden blocks at Asher Jasper.

(Available here.)

September 8, 2010

kiddie stuff: art prints by modernpop

Modern + whimsical.
Perfect for the kiddos.

I'm pretty sure that when Henry has his own bedroom I'd like the colors to be green + yellow + blue + black like in the race-car print. (That is, if I can stop thinking about those whales from yesterday...)

(Prints by ModernPop available here.)

September 7, 2010

hello + a week of kid stuff

Hi Friends!

Have a nice weekend? Mine was about as perfect as can be with bright sunny days that felt a little bit like fall. I bought delicious plums and a colorful bunch of zinnias at the farmers market. We enjoyed a tasty lunch out with a pair of our dearest friends on Sunday. And we took a little trip to the suburbs to visit friends who just moved. Don't you just love long weekends? I wish every one could be 3 days.

Henry and Amelia are going to turn one (one!!) this Saturday and to honor their big day, I'll be doing a week of kiddie stuff posts leading up to the weekend.

Today I have a peek into a super cool whale room photographed by Mark Lund...

Great colors, no? I wonder where to find that wallpaper...

(Image source.)

September 1, 2010

yum! the jme pantry collection

Cool packaging + gourmet toppers...

Like I didn't already {heart} Jamie Oliver enough!

(Jme Pantry Collection available at Williams-Sonoma)