February 11, 2008

soda crate catch-all

This would be the perfect bin for Lulu's ever-growing collection of puppy toys! The vintage wood soda crate from Three Potato Four is softly worn with faded lettering and a few dents and dings. It's fun to imagine the places it's traveled and the many hands it's passed between. I'm sure it would still look great even if Lulu decided to do some decorating of her own and added some teeth marks to it! {The pooch is chewing on EVERYTHING... I cannot wait for her to be done teething!}

I love using vintage objects as accessories in my home. Pieces that in their time were meant to be used as purely functional take on a whole new identity when used in fresh, unexpected ways. I think this old soda crate cum puppy toy holder would be a lovely addition to ours and have just the place for it!

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