February 12, 2008

easy living

I wish I was walking into this living room upon opening my front door tonight.

So peaceful. So serene. The time-worn wide-plank floor invites you to take your shoes off and stay a while, and that bright red lamp across the room shouts hello! A comfy sofa flanked by simple, wooden tables and a chair beckons you to come in and take a load off. Napping is encouraged!

I could be very comfortable here.


karey m. said...

always, always drawn to a pure white room with fat, worn planks, and a splash of color...or two!

this actually looks like my mom's house...

enjoying the heck out of your blog!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much, Karey!

debi van zyl said...

oh i love it too. i could flop down on the couch right now to enjoy a nice little fire. LOVE the lamp and its bright spot of color.