July 7, 2008

thoughts on collecting

It all started when I was installing a Client in her new home. She was unpacking her exquisite milk glass collection, and as each piece was unwrapped I felt myself getting more and more excited to see what beautiful object would come next. Her collection is stunning. The mix of shapes and textures molded out of creamy white glass is so perfectly pretty. Each has a story, and she couldn’t have been happier to share some of those stories with me. And, oh how much I wanted a few of those pieces for my own!

That’s when I knew… I wanted to start collecting milk glass too.

I’ve always loved it… why not collect it? My mom’s “chicken bowl” is one of my favorites (the lidded bowl is shaped like a fat hen), and my grandmother has several covetable serving pieces that get brought out to the Thanksgiving table year after year. I’ve seen just how lovely a collection can look grouped together on bookcase shelves or in a hutch.

So that’s that. I’m going to collect milk glass.

Photo: "Things" on Fieryeyed's Flickr.


Cookie baker Lynn said...

What a lovely photo. It's got a very peaceful feeling to it.

design for mankind. said...

Oh what a great thing to collect!!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

milk glass is so pretty...doesn't it come in light colors too, like aqua? i could swear i've seen it in a Martha Stewart spread.

Kristin said...

Mlle... it does come in other pretty pastels -- pink, aqua, green. All delightful!

karey m. said...

i love collections! i used to work for a woman whose husband was filthy rich. he wanted a collection, so he bought the entire swarovski collection.

i understood his impatience.