July 14, 2008

let's shop: pedlars

What fun it is to go "window shopping" across the pond right from my cozy desk seat! Actually, it’s about all I can do with the dollar/Euro exchange rate being what it is now-a-days, but I digress. Anyway, let’s talk about the oodles of goodies over at Pedlars.com. Organized by department (home life, out and about, pure fun to name a few), it’s easy to wander through the site ogling the lovely objects along the way. Here are just a few of my favorites that I found while scouting around this afternoon.
A collection of mismatched printers' blocks. Spell whatever you like with the lovely assortment of perfectly patinated blocks. They’re all a bit distressed and loaded with character.
The folks over at Pedlars say this copper bowl was hand-hammered in Istanbul from 50 year old Turkish copper. Sounds just delightful to me. I love the hammered pattern and could see a collection of these displayed on a kitchen wall.
I can’t say that I’d actually use this vintage wasp catcher as it was intended, but I do fancy the gorgeous hand blown look and could certainly see using it as a candle holder or putting a few together on a shelf as a whimsical collection of corked bottles.

I don't even like hard-boiled eggs, but that doesn't mean I can't take a second look at these friendly little knitted egg cosies. Hello little chicken and kitty-cat!

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