June 9, 2008

chicago fave - The White Attic

When I first started this blog, I knew that I wanted to post from time to time about my favorite stops for home décor shopping in Chicago. I’m always happy to pass along resources to my friends and it feels good to applaud the very deserving and hard-working shop owners who keep me coming back for more, so I decided this was the perfect way to do both. I've written about a couple here and here, and I’ve still got lots to go, but I wanted to take a few minutes today to talk about The White Attic. No list of Chicago favorites would be complete without it.

Now, I ruefully admit that it has been a while since I’ve stopped in at the amazing little Andersonville furniture shop, and so I don’t even know what lovely one-of-a-kind pieces you’d find right now, but I can guarantee that if you love the idea of taking something old and making it beautiful again, then you won’t be disappointed with The White Attic. Full of vintage (a lot of 70’s era) furnishings that have been given a new lease on life through a shiny coat of paint (in classic hues like black and white, but also pink, blue and green) and eye-catching hardware. I like to call this "loving up." Each piece is unique and has that special home-made feel. And there are also great accessories sprinkled throughout the shop, including Votivo candles, my favorite.

If you're in the Andersonville neighborhood, I highly recommend stopping in to The White Attic. While you're there, say hello to Terry, owner-extraordinaire.

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shi(f)t said...

i havent been to andersonville yet (after living here three years sans car...) but i dont think i'll be able to put it off any longer!! thx for the reco!