June 8, 2008

a not-so-typical weekend

If you're like me you fill your weekends up with to-dos: Clean the house. Pick up dry cleaning. Grocery shop. The weekend tasks are always there, always keeping me busy, and always using up too many precious "free time" minutes. Sometimes once Sunday night rolls in, I don't feel like I've had any break at all.

Wade left last Thursday for a golf trip with friends, and so it was just me and Lulu this weekend. I started worrying about how I was going to handle being a "single mom" and still do all the things I usually do on my Saturdays and Sundays. When he's around I can just come and go, and I know that he'll be home to take care of her, but (gasp!) how was I possibly going to deal with her on my own? How could I leave the house to run errands for hours at a time, lots of times, knowing that Lulu would be home all alone? And if I do stay home with her, how am I supposed to get everything taken care of? What about Dad's Father's Day gift and Wade's suit that needs to be dropped off at the cleaners? What will I do if these things don't get done?

You know what? Nothing got done, and it was fine. It was better than fine. I had a great weekend. And the best part? Was all that "nothing" that I did. I didn't run all over town checking off each errand one by one or take time to clean the house from top to bottom (even though it REALLY needs it!). Nope, this weekend I spent the time taking lots of long walks with The Lewster and then even longer naps on the sofa. I read all the issues of "Domino" that had been piling up, and the only errand I ran was to Trader Joe's to get ingredients for strawberry smoothies (an essential on 90+ degree days!) and a bouquet of gorgeous peonies.

Ahh... what a wonderful weekend. I could (and should!) get used to this (except that I'd want Wade around, too!)


sunny said...

sounds like a great weekend!

karey m. said...

do you even know how i yearn for a weekend like this one?!

Kristin said...

Hi Karey and Sunny - it was so blissfully relaxing that I urge you both to do the same... soon!