June 16, 2008

chicago fave: chocolate grape

A wine and chocolate cafe in Wicker Park.

I only have two questions after reading about this adorably hip place: why haven't I been here and how soon can I go?

I wanted to lick the screen after reading the menu of mouthwatering dishes. Like the Wrapped Cantaloupe - "Fresh tantalizing Cantaloupe, wrapped in Prosciutto de-Parma and Pecorino, glazed with Honey Suckle Mango Cilantro." Or this, the Signature Grape Salad - "Peppery Field Greens, imported and domestic juicy large Grapes, Candied Almonds, enhanced with a Peach White Chocolate Vinaigrette and Herb Infused Goat Cheese." I'm sorry, did you say chocolate vinaigrette? {Cue the lip smacking.}

And then there's the desserts {like I didn't check these out first!}. A flight of Mini Cupcakes - "Six served, each with its own Dipping Sauce" and the Mini Petit Fours - "Choco decadence, mini cheesecake, tiramisu, choco torte, orange chiffon cake, mini fruit tarts, and raspberry linzer." And truffles and candies and wine, oh my!

I think next weekend is going to include a stop in at the Chocolate Grape. Maybe it'll be on Sunday for Crepe Mornings. If it's as good as it sounds, I may never leave!

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Anonymous said...

This is a must for our sandwich club! Even if there is not a sandwich on the menu...