June 18, 2008

quotable cards

I love greeting cards. Getting them. Sending them. They always bring a smile to my face. Especially "Just Because" cards. They're usually unexpected, always appreciated. When I was out and about last weekend, I picked up a handful of Quotable Cards. Each message is special and inspiring. And though it's nearly impossible to do, I picked some of my favorites here:

(cards for sale online via Proper Topper)


Anonymous said...

great quotes!

Federal Way flowers

karey m. said...

i always cry when i read these cards...it's not like they're sad...they're just moving, you know?

Kristin said...

If it's a good one, I get the chills... up and down my whole body.

A Brit Greek said...

I love quotable cards, especially the ones your friends send you in the post unexpectedly - that's an extra feel good factor for sure!

Oooh, you'll probably like Paulo Coelho's "Like The Flowing River" - It's really inspirational and will leave you feeling positive... There's lots of short stories and thoughts - a great book for dipping into every now and again.