June 19, 2008

another room to love

I was sitting in on an architectural meeting with a Client yesterday, and she started showing us photos torn from magazines with the type of floors she has in mind for her new house. When I saw this one, I instantly fell in love with the room.

I was at first drawn to the soft yellow damask wall cover, the cool gray trim and the darker honey colored herringbone wood floor. All simple, neutral tones yet when they're placed together they create cohesion and depth. Only after I’d taken all that in did I really start to look at the exquisitely designed space. To me, the hallmark of good design is the blending of different styles. Here it’s done with a traditional button-tufted chesterfield sofa that shares the space with a classic Le Corbusier chaise lounge. A contemporary styled sofa peeks through from the other room. A vintage French pharmacy lamp takes the main stage next to the chesterfield and a pair of glass column table lamps rest on a stone ledge in the room beyond. I especially love the cozy, neutral tones on all of the upholstered pieces. As far as I’m concerned, this deserves an A+!

(I apologize that I don’t know who to credit for this great photograph. I’m not even sure which magazine it came from.)


Meander said...

how on earth has no one commented on this yet??? i feel special!

i heart this room sooooo much and your commentary is so darn perfect and correct by every stretch of the imagination - great photo, your client has fabulous taste. if i always had clients with taste like that i might still be doing design full time!

enjoy this one, she's a keeper. and thanks for this post, you're a keeper for sure!

karey m. said...

i love the effortlessness of this space...like they've spent a long long long time gathering all this style up.

Kristin said...

Hi Meander - thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words! It really is fun to work with a client who sees the beauty in rooms like this.