March 22, 2010

what's cooking: last week's menu (and the week before that!)

I've got some tasty suppers to tell you about. Two weeks worth!

Last Monday: White Bean and Chicken Chili (I used both white and dark meat from a rotisserie chicken instead of ground chicken like the recipe calls)
Week before last: Portabello and Pea Pesto Sandwiches

Last Tuesday: Mango and Pine Nut Salad (from Everyday Food Mag - April 2010)
Week before last: Baked Tortellini

Last Wednesday AND the week before last: leftovers

Last Thursday: Fish Tacos with Mango Relish (from Everyday Food Mag - April 2010)
Week before last: Orzo with Scallops and Parsley

Last Friday: Oat Risotto with Pine Nuts
Week before last: Mushroom and Pecorino Pizza

Last Saturday: Best Ever Meatballs* and Mashed Potatoes

Favorites? fish tacos, meatballs, and mushroom pizza
Least? I wasn't really a fan of the orzo with scallops and parsley. I've decided that I'll stick to scallops at restaurants. They never seem to come out for me at home.

Some photos...

(From top: fish tacos, meatballs and mashed potatoes, oat risotto)

*Seriously. The best ever. This girl knows what she's talking about. Just a slight modification for me, though. I used ground turkey in lieu of the beef.

Sorry I don't have more photos. I completely forgot to take a single picture one week, and well, the following week I was just too hungry and didn't want to wait. Forgive.

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