March 30, 2010

design inspiration: gray walls

This foyer has got me re-thinking my stance on white walls altogether...

(Via white trash beautiful)

I have pored over every. single. feature. in this lovely room and I am smitten. And now am in the throes of a mega design-identity crisis!

PS - LOVING that "it's beautiful here" wall piece. Any idea where to get something like that?

***UPDATE! Lovely Carly has found the coat rack. It's available here. Thanks, Carly! Hope you've saved a lot of pennies, though, because this little number isn't cheap. Looks like it's staying on my wishlist for now.


Dionne said...

I love that grey wall. So pretty and soothing.

If you find out where to get that wall-hanging, let me know!

Carly said...

I think I found it!

I am a big fan of a dark gray. You wouldn't think it could still feel so bright in a room with gray walls, but in the picture it definitely does.

Thanks for posting!

Meg said...

hmm... a grey wall with white accessories. that wall almost looks like it wants you to write on it with chalk!! i'd definitely do a wall like that in the kitchen, or the mudroom to leave last minute messages :)

Marija said...

I am a light walls kind of girl but I do love the juxtaposition of a chalky dark wall adjacent to it - we did that at home and it changed the entire space. Love this image. And I am afraid to look at the cost of that coat rack because I am sure to be heartbroken! Marija