March 15, 2010

10 things: getting to know the city sage

I LOVE her blog.

When I'm looking for inspiration, The City Sage is one of my first stops. Brimming with gorgeous interiors shots, fabulous fashion finds and laugh-out-loud worthy writing, TCS pretty much has it all. I'm never short of awed from the posts Anne pulls together. Hers is a daily favorite, and so I'm quite excited that she's playing this week's "10 Things."

Let's go get to know Anne and then ogle the amazing photos she sent over that follow...

Favorite thing about my house: The original pre-war moldings and arched doorways.

When I need to blow off steam: I sweat it out at a spin class.

On Sunday mornings you'll find me: Cleaning house. Blech!

I hate to admit it, but: My perfectionism causes more problems than it solves.

Day I'd love to live again: First date with the Huz--oh the sweet rush of new love!

When I need a good cry: Actually, I probably don't give into the urge to cry enough.

I'm having a dinner party- five people I'd invite: Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennett, Anne Elliot, Elinor Dashwood, Emma Woodhouse. I'd love to get the author together with four of her heroines and watch the fur fly!

If I had one do-over: I would be more outgoing and carefree in college.

Brings out the best in me: My desire to make others' lives easier and more beautiful.

I could spend the whole day: Lounging on the beach. My fave vacation spot by far!

Farthest I've been from home: A summer spent learning French in Nice. Heaven!

Best thing about my family: Their wacky sense of humor. My dad sends me postcards from around the world, written in the voices of the various animals on the front of the cards!

I'm my most creative: When I think no one is watching.

My dream kitchen: Has a deep farmhouse sink, lots of natural light, plenty of workspace, and someone else to clean up after me!

If I was more of a risk taker: I'd start writing a novel.

Some lovely photos, courtesy of Anne...

(Photos 1 & 2: Vogue March 2010, 3: Domino March 2009, 4: Martha Stewart Living March 2005)

Isn't she the sweetest? And with the most impeccable taste, as you can clearly see.

Anne? I think you should take the leap and start that novel. I've read your posts and just know you can do it. I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say we're behind you 100%!

And thanks again for playing.


karey m. said...

met her at alt and instantly liked her.

just lovely, this. thanks to you both! xo

tammy said...

Thanks for inviting Anne to contribute to your post today. I love reading the City Sage as well because I adore the way Anne writes. She is incredibly gifted in all that she does. I also think she should take that leap and start a novel. I cannot get enough of her writing!

Anne's mom

Meg said...

this post is fantastic! and i love the city sage, which i did find through your blog :)

Marija said...

I am consistently inspired by Ann's style, taste and blog. And now it's led me here and I'll happily be back. Marija

Kristin said...

I'm glad we all agree that Anne and her blog are fantastic!

And Tammy? Anne's Mom? Your post just made me feel so happy. There's nothing like a mother's love, and it's so clear just how proud you are of her. Makes me want to call my mom right now!

xo, Kristin

The Zhush said...

Loving your site...will check out her's next...thanks!

Kifus said...

I love these posts where we get to know other bloggers. Off to visit Anne's site now!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

I too would have been much for carefree in college and I would have studied less.