March 11, 2010

design inspiration: open shelves in the kitchen

Recently added to my list of dream kitchen musts: open shelves. Simple shelves with stacks of platters and plates, cake stands and bowls and perhaps an odd vase or two. I love my burgeoning collection of dishware and serving pieces, and so wouldn't I rather see it than hide it away behind cabinets? yes!

Probably many people see open shelves and think, "but what about all the dust?" (I used to be one of them.) But, I don't know, this country-casual look is so warm, inviting, carefree that I say, dust be damned! To me, this look is worth the swipe of a dust cloth before using.

Here are some inspiration photos featuring open shelves. Really take a close look because the details in these are fabulous...

* kitchen perfection.

* loving the artwork on the upper shelves. a clever idea worth copying.

* i triple love those glass canisters on the counter. mine would be filled with skittles, m&m's and raisinettes!

* every kitchen needs a bread bin and scale.

* open shelving above AND below? tres chic.

* loving the chalkboards and retro stove.

* country casual at its finest.

That first picture? With the fireplace so big you could walk right into it with nary a stoop? I'm fairly certain that's exactly how I want my kitchen to some day look. At least today, anyway.

And now I want to know what you think... On which side do you fall: 'yes - I'm open to shelves' or 'heck no my dishes won't show'?

(Via White Trash Beautiful (domino mag), House Beautiful, decorology, White Trash Beautiful, Living Etc., House to Home, House to Home)


Sarah said...

YES YES YES!!! Open shelves are a must!! and the open fireplace makes it so wonderful and cozy. In any home, people gravitate toward the kitchen. Why go conventional if that isn't how you think? Make the kitchen what you want it to be!! I love these pictures!!

Elsa May said...

Well I was on the "keep the dishes hidden" team, but these lovely images have made me deflect to the "open shelves" team :)

mulberry and marie said...

Well, as of right now I'm on the "hide the dishes" side, but hopefully we will get rid of our post-college dishes soon and we can have pretty ones, then I will be on the "YES, I'm all for open shelves"! These pictures are beautiful!

Meg said...

i love open shelving - it's also a good way to keep your kitchen shopping in check. you can't have beautiful open shelving if the shelves are too cluttered!

karey m. said...

dreaming of open shelves. truly.

but your comment about the secret attic hide-away in molly's house? i am DYING! you just left it, i think. and i had to race over and tell you THANK YOU for bringing me that burst of joy.

which you are to me. xo

Kifus said...

I'd love to have a huge fireplace in my kitchen like the one in the first picture! Open shelves in my kitchen? Yesssss!!!

It's Friday Kristin!! Wooo Hoooo!

Have yourself an inspired weekend!

Dionne said...

I LOVE open shelves. It definitely opens up the room. I love all these!

Minnie said...

ooh, what great photos. i so enjoy the idea of more artwork in the kitchen. i have been in love with open shelves for a while now. i've actually been toying with the idea of ripping off the doors of my cabinets, but not sure whether it would look like just that and what I would need to do to make it all look finished. it would make everything so much easier (no need to madly run around opening/closing doors looking for something) and create new avenues of conversation with guests.

Just a Generous Thief said...

Oh gosh I'm inlove with these kitchens and am not inspired for my future abode...xx