February 17, 2010

time for some serious willpower

As if the shopping hiatus wasn't enough, Lent starts today, and I've decided to... give up sweets. (but I'm whispering because I haven't told my sweet tooth yet. Not sure how to break the news. She'll be devastated.)

So, no cookies, cakes, chocolates or candy for me for the next 40 days. Not even ice cream.

Easter cannot, will not come soon enough.

A few photos of drool-worthy, delectable sweets...

Now, isn't that just pouring salt on the wound?

Photos via three of my favorites: Canelle et Vanille * Smitten Kitchen * Bread & Honey


Carmie - the Single Nester said...

Those photos are drool-worthy. For the last two years, I gave up cursing and it didn't work out that well. This year, I am giving up eating after dinner. No more sweets while watching those hot Olympic athletes and their thighs :)

Guillermo de Torre said...
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Kifus said...

You can do this Kristin! You have all your readers to cheer you along!

karey m. said...

i. know.

i accidentally fasted yesterday bc i wasn't feeling well.

today? it's on. i figure no one will mind, yes?

as for the spending. wow. i have officially turned into a spender. a big one, at that. {the candy does. not. help.}


Elsa May said...

Oh my - that IS pouring salt on the wound! Good luck - I'm sure you can do it. ps: Love your 'Happy Tummy' label - too cute!