February 15, 2010

french inspiration

This is most definitely what they mean when they say room with a view...

Could you imagine?
I'd do nothing day after day but gaze dreamily out the window.


And my love affair with the City of Light continues.
Found via Sweetie Pie's Interior Infatuations via ktkatherine.


Meg said...

ahhhhh i want whatever apartment this view is attached to! i'd never leave my window... except to explore paris!!!

Carmie - the Single Nester said...

I love this photo! Just dreamy! I loved Paris but like most places, you often don't appreciate it until you are home.

J F F GrandsLieux said...

There are other views in Paris !
My favorite one is from the Concorde bridge northward. The whole square is in front of you, with the obelisk, Crillon on the left, Madeleine Church that shows its temple front in the far distance, and if you're lucky enough the sky is just like the ones on the impressionnist paintings... no one can take that view from you : it's from the ground level and you can see it again and again. You've ubderstood I also fell in love with Paris !