February 25, 2010

spotlight: three red apples

It's a good day! I stumbled upon an Etsy shop that I simply adore.

Annabelle, the brilliant busy-bee shopkeep, creates fantastic goodies using snippets of old and new fabrics and lovely embroidered messages.

That "Love Life" pillow up top? I really really want it.
(How can I wait until April? This shopping hiatus is a thorn in my side!)

(From top: pillow * ornaments * bags)

For mass quantities of inspiration check out Annabelle's flickr.
She's also got a great blog.


Erin said...

That first pillow is SO CUTE! I really REALLY want it too!

Tracey said...

Hi Kristin! I am always amazed at the talent and fabulous things on Etsy!!! Love that pillow!

Your blog is wonderful!!!

:) T

Molly Bryn said...

Oh my, that pillow is adorable! I was perusing etsy today, there's so much talent out there. Really enjoy your blog!

mulberry and marie said...

IN LOVE with that pillow. I like that she incorporates words on everything!

Dionne said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! GORGEOUS!

*and she promptly added them to her very favorites.*