February 23, 2010

design inspiration: layers of gray (+ a bowl of granola)

It snowed again today. I think the weatherman said it's going to snow almost every day this week. Winter has really dug in its heels. But that little bird I heard chirping while I was out walking Lulu this morning? She reminded me to hang in, for Spring is on its way. Even if it's not coming as quickly as I might like.

I made granola today. Can't wait to try it tomorrow morning over my can't-get-enough-of-it vanilla yogurt and strawberries. I swear I am such a creature of habit. I get a taste for things and then am happy to eat it week after week after week.

If I was here... I'd snuggle up with a big bowl of that granola, a cozy quilt and a stack of magazines. And I wouldn't come out for hours.

I'm really loving all the gray tones. Quiet and subdued. Just the way a lazy afternoon should be.

That's all.

(Recipe via Orangette (I modified it just a bit and will post the recipe later this week); photo via Delight by Design)


Dionne said...

I would like to join you on that pretty couch with some of that yummy granola!

Meander said...

I think I hate the word "gray", mostly because it doesn't make me feel "grey" at all! Thanks for sharing this!!!