February 19, 2010

design inspiration: it's complicated + curtain-front cabinets

Have any of you seen It's Complicated?

What'd you think?

We saw it a few weeks ago, and I thought it was pretty cute. It gave me everything I needed in a rom-com - plenty of laughs and just the right amount of love to make me feel a bit schmoopy. What I wasn't expecting was that it would give me one thing more...

a big old case of house envy.

I mean seriously. I was oohing and aahing all over that house and probably missed half the lines in the movie because I was yammering on and on... Look at those gorgeous chairs! I want that bathtub! That dining table! She's a pastry chef, too?!

And then there was the kitchen. ohmigod. Wasn't it just perfect? One particular design feature caught my eye... curtain-fronted cabinets. Very country chic. Very French casual. And very much on my radar as of late.

(The two photos above are of the actual movie kitchen -- and my inspiration.)

I should have known this would happen. I mean, it was directed by Nancy Meyers - director AND interior designer extraordinaire. Her taste is impeccable. I want to live in every. single. house. she makes a movie around.

(From top: Photos via Traditional Home * Life in the Fun Lane * Country Home * Decorology's Flickr


Meg said...

oh.my.gosh... i couldn't stop talking about that kitchen after seeing the movie!!!! i am absolutely in love with it, and i won't rest until one day my house has a kitchen just as gorgeous! and maybe jon krasinski could come for a visit, and we could run away together. because i love him.

(ps, my favorite scene in the movie was when they went to the house party, i laughed until i cried!!)

mulberry and marie said...

Oh My! Did I not tell you that house is ridiculous!? I want to live that movie. Have an incredibly, gorgeous, french country style home, with a huge garden in the back. Where I can pick my own produce for dinner. It would be heaven. Is this the same director as "Something's Gotta Give"? This is another movie I drool over.

Kristin said...

Meg & Megan - I wonder if we can be "fans" of this movie on fb? ;)

Megan - you were right! you told me I'd love the house, her decorating style, her life! Have I mentioned that my new goal is to make homemade croissants? Yeah, um, I'm a little obsessed. And yes, this is the same woman who did "something's gotta give" and she did "the holiday" with cam diaz/kate winslet and "baby boom" among others. her style is amazing. there's a NY Times article about her own house, and it's just how we'd all expect it... impeccable and covetable.

Lauren said...

i agree, that house was awesome! cute movie. :)

Kifus said...

Haven't seen it yet. On my to do list right now!

kimberly said...

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sunny said...

Just watched this movie yesterday - after reading your post about it. I loved it. Favorite scene is with the laptops, the wardrobe inspections, and then the part after that. But the party scene is pretty good too!

Loved the house, the kitchen, her store/restaurant!