November 26, 2008

what I'm thankful for

A small list - in no particular order - of things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving season:

cuddles with lulu * afternoon naps * the endless love and support of family and friends * starbucks vanilla steamers * tuesday night yoga * that our country is capable of greatness * weekend breakfasts * sweet mandy b's buttercream frosting * sunny mornings * going home for the holidays * the best nail salon that's right across the street * my health & the health of my loved ones * free samples at trader joe's * swiffer sheets (without which our house would be overtaken by dog hair!) * my mom's chocolate chip cookies * that no matter what happens, I still have hope

1 comment:

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

TGFSwiffer sheets. :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm totally enjoying your blog.