November 3, 2008


I decided a few weeks ago that I could really use some help in the jewelry department. I have a tendency to stick with the same old tried and true pieces - a diamond pendant necklace from Wade's grandma, my silver Tiffany "Bead" earrings from Wade, and my black-faced watch that I never leave home without. And it's not that there's anything wrong with any of these pieces. Quite the opposite, actually... I LOVE them. But because I love them so, they never get tucked back into my jewelry box at night. Instead, they sit right there on the bathroom counter for me to slip back on in the morning, and I don't even bother to give a thought to something else. It's mostly out of laziness, I guess. But then all those other worthy beads and baubles in my jewelry box hardly ever get to see the light of day.

And so it's high time I do something about this. I'm pretty certain it would be impossible to ignore any of these gorgeous pieces if they were in my jewelry box:

Foliage Sparkle Ring (from Banana Republic); Sun Chip Ring (from Anthropologie)

Novelty Owl Necklace; Peacock Brooch Necklace (both from Banana Republic)
Cabochon Studded Bracelet (from Banana Republic); Concentric Cuff (from Anthropologie)


Emily said...

i adore everything you chose...especially those necklaces from banana!

Kristin said...

Thanks Emily! I think they are really great too... so whimsical!