November 25, 2008

do you know the muffin man?

My friend, Jen, and I were busy bakers in my kitchen last night... whipping up two delicious batches of muffins for my office's Thanksgiving potluck today. As you can see... I couldn't pick just one recipe. Just like I predicted!

(Whole Wheat Apple Muffins & Pumpkin Muffins)

*Please disregard all of the background messiness (how embarassing!) on the countertop. My pleas for a cleaned-up picture redo were politely declined. But the good thing is - see that Crate & Barrel box back there? - well, in it was the most beautiful silver cake stand - you can see it on the edge of the table (to the right of the muffins) - from my darling Juju and "Uncle" Jason. What a wonderful birthday present indeed! THANK YOU!*

1 comment:

Jen B. said...

I am loving your blog today!! :) And eating one of the muffins as I type this.