September 3, 2008

oh boy

Time is just flying, and I haven't had a chance to get to Contented Me at all. Sorry! I'll try to get a few posts up before the week ends. See you soon!


karey m. said...

don't stress yourself out! i think blogging is more of a winter hobby, don't you?

certainly not a just got back from holiday and must catch up at work and with friends and have to have to have to blog kind of a hobby.

seriously. we're not going anywhere! xoxo and glad you're home...for fall in my fave place in the world!

Gigi said...

Don't worry about it. Or else you'll be frazzled like me and that is not how I like to be. Great site here. I love all the photography and styling!

apoquette1977 said...

I on the other hand was getting worried about you =o) Kidding...I will just keep checking back.

Kristin said...

Thanks for checking in, ladies! I'm working on a few ideas and will talk with you soon!

And you're right, Karey, it certainly is a winter thing! Right along with baking apple crisp and wearing pj's all day on the weekends. Can't wait for that!