September 5, 2008

a new season

It happens every year. The hot, dog-days of summer fade away and are replaced with the much-appreciated cooler days of fall. The sun sets a minute or two earlier each day, and my morning routine starts needing a jump-start since the sun is still hiding when I'm supposed to get out of bed. Chilly nights equal perfect sleeping weather. Pumpkins and mums and apples of all kinds pop up in the grocery stores and colorful leaves begin their floaty descent from tree branches.

Fall is just beginning, and it’s my most favorite time of year. You can feel it in the air. The kids are back at school; another summer vacation passed. My summer diet of popsicles, corn on the cob and fresh veggie salads will soon be replaced with apple crisp and lasagna and roasted chickens. The white wine glasses get pushed to the back making room for the red.

It’s the time to get cozy. To pull out the throw blankets tucked away in the trunk. To dust off the baking books that didn’t get used because it was too hot to turn on the oven. It’s time to nest. And with nesting comes shopping. I mean, we all want a pretty nest, don’t we? Here are a few goodies the magpie in me has her eye on.

(Sophie Conran Pitcher from Anthropologie; Bistro Towels from Harold Import Company; Vintage Inspired Basket from Basketville)

(Lattice Coasters from RianRae)

(Roost Agadir Poufs from Velocity)

(Succulent Wreath from VivaTerra)


karey m. said...

oh. you had me at poufs. and i now desperately need hat succulent wreath.

going now to look. maybe drool. xoxo!

{genius posts above, too! you're back!}

Kristin said...

Hi Karey! wouldn't each of our doorsteps look just gorgeous with one of those green wreaths? Love them...