September 25, 2008

clever clipboards

As if I wasn't wanting a baby enough already, then I had to go and spy these "It's a Girl" and "It's a Boy" clipboards by Courtney of Two Straight Lines. I am LOVING these clipboards decorated with sweet things that welcome baby. Cute-as-can-be knitted caps in pink and blue, black and white footprints, ultrasound photographs and pacifiers strung with ribbon are all joined together on these clever portable scrapbooks.

What a delightful way to announce your little one. I could see hanging this in the nursery, and then adding more clipboards as baby grows and memories are made. You could take the lock of hair from his first haircut, an ornament from her first Christmas, or an invitation to baby’s first birthday party. Pictures with grandmas and grandpas, a label from her favorite baby-food jar, or a little square from his favorite blankie. The list goes on and on – the possibilities are endless. It’s such a clever way to display the special moments you share with your little one.

I'm definitely going to file this idea!


Emily said...

i adore little projects like these that are creative and seemingly simple! plus, you could make them for all different occasions...maybe even the arrival of Fall with some pretty leaves?

Kristin said...

That's a great idea, Emily! You could do seasonal, you could do it to celebrate a wedding or a graduation - or really any other milestone no matter how big or small in your life.

Courtney of Two Straight Lines is obviously VERY creative, and I am thrilled to see her ideas. Glad you're enjoying them too!