September 22, 2008

chicago fave: café avanti

Who knew that walking along Southport early on a Saturday morning with Wade and Lulu in tow would turn out to be one of my favorite things about the weekend? The weather was perfect, and we were looking forward to the weekend ahead. Already feeling a little hungry from the blocks of walking we already had behind us and knowing how much we still had ahead, we decided to make a pit-stop at the adorable Café Avanti. The place is decked out in a very kitschy 50’s vibe with blue and brown and pink polka dots. I first visited this local spot earlier in the summer and indulged in only a steamed vanilla milk and promised I’d be back soon to taste something on the menu. I’m so happy I finally got to make good on that promise.

Neither of us was really in the mood for a big meal (we had a 7 year-old’s birthday party later in the day and knew there would be a ton of food that we don’t have the willpower to turn down). So we opted for something light to just fill our bellies a little. I stayed outside with Lulu while Wade ordered, and in just a few minutes, he returned with yummy drinks (he a coffee and me another steamed milk) and some very delicious, piping hot scones. Blueberry Lemon and Cranberry White Chocolate. Perfect texture, great flavors and just the right amount of big blueberries and cranberries in every bite. Yum yum yum. We ate up every last crumb. And were perfectly content to start the walk home.

Café Avanti * 3706 N. Southport Ave. * 773.880.5959

(sorry - no photo for this one... I didn't bring the camera!)


Emily said...

those are the best weekends...just lazily walking around and finding good cafes!

karey m. said...

ooooh! you make me miss chicago...

loving those shoes from anthro below, too!