September 23, 2008

hold on to your hats

The inspiring set of nursery photos below from Two Straight Lines will blow you away!

What’s most inspiring to me are all the little details that make this room so very special. Hand-sewn fabric smocks hang on big white hooks, a ribbon ‘clothesline’ is strung up from wall to wall to display teensy keepsakes, and little newsprint butterflies flutter above the dresser. White furniture pops in front of pale blue walls and red floral-banded curtains made from a bedspread adorn the windows. The attention to detail is simply amazing.

Never have I wanted to decorate a nursery more. Now all we need is a visit from the Stork so I can!

Here are my favorite shots and ideas:

From top: (Bed) (Clothesline Detail) (Curtains) (Smock) (Butterfly Detail)

(Be sure to head over to Two Straight Lines to see the rest!)


Emily said...

all rooms should be this soothing and beautiful!

Boscoe said...

I hope you get a visit ASAP!
Much Love,

apoquette1977 said...

Ah, I love it...some people are so darn clever! Can't wait to see what you cook up for your little one some day!
Take care...