April 9, 2008

an organized home

Keeping your home tidy is a tough job, and it's a task that needs constant attention. But I think it could be a little easier - and less time-consuming - if you had a few of these lovely items from UK-based, Cox & Cox to help you organize. Time to tackle that clutter!

Magnetic Wipe Clean Board (about $28)

A list maker’s dream! This wipe-clean marker board looks like a sheet of loose leaf paper and can be used again and again for shopping lists, honey-do’s or whatever else needs remembering. And it’s green, too… with no paper waste. Just jot, do, erase and repeat!

Whitewashed Wood Peg Rail (about $75)

This peg rail is a catch-all for bags, coats, scarves and hats (or whatever else needs to find a home). It has a wonderful worn-out look with eight antiqued-metal hooks mounted on a whitewashed wooden plank.

Wire Mail Box (about $22)

“This wonderful wire mail box is great-looking as well as infinitely practical.” Looking like it's from another era, the mail box can be hung or left freestanding to catch loose letters and papers that pile up around the house.

Damask Notice Board (about $56)

A damask wrapped board set in a lovely antiqued wooden frame can be used to showcase photos and cards or appointment reminders and theater tickets. Seven “gulls egg” pins are included and so are four bird pictures for a little bit of inspiration.

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