April 17, 2008

my morning ritual

It goes something like this: Open closet. Sigh. Rummage through drawers. Sigh. Mutter I have nothing to wear under my breath. Repeat.

This is definitely no way to start the day.

If only I could buy every outfit from the Spring ’08 collection at Anthropologie. Then I’d never have to fret over what I’m going to wear.

The collection is full of flirty dresses, tailored jackets and snazzy sandals in lively patterns and vivid colors. Little details like fluted pleats, picot trims and flutter sleeves make every piece pretty and feminine.

My favorite outfit? The pleated Trace Paper Skirt paired with the sunshine-yellow cropped Geometric Jacket and sexy red Slingbacks. So dreamy. I have to have it.

Good bye closet dullsville; hello style!

Trace Paper Skirt ($148)
Geometric Jacket ($178)
Star Turn Tank ($38)
Bing Cherry Belt ($48)
Mapped Course Slingbacks ($168)

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