April 18, 2008

little joy #22

I was having a pretty terrific Thursday anyway... only one more day until the weekend, a fun Bar Louie lunch with the gals from the office, my boss was away for the entire day, and it was warm and sunny out. And just when I thought my day couldn't get better, I came home to find this in the mail:

From my dearie niece Emma. I opened it and my heart melted.

It's hard to believe that I can have so much love for a little one {who isn't even my own!} but I do. From the moment I laid eyes on her.

She's got me by the heartstrings and isn't letting go.


jenb said...

those could not be any sweeter!!

karey m. said...

awww. very sweet. it's amazing how the smallest ones cause the most love, isn't it?

Susannah said...

That just made my heart melt and I'm not their mother or their aunt but a complete stranger! I can't wait until my daughter can give me notes like that.