January 10, 2008

shed some light on me

Today I wanted to do a mini round-up of some gorgeous chandeliers that definitely get my stamp of approval.

1. Pagoda Chandelier in Coral from Jayson Home & Garden
2. Serena Bowl Chandelier by Oly
3. Meri Drum Chandelier by Oly
4. Teardrop Pendant from Anthropologie
5. Silver Pendant from Inside Avenue
6. Eliza Black Chandelier from Jayson Home & Garden
7. Copacabana Chandelier by Arteriors via Inside Avenue


Anonymous said...

Kristin, I hope that you plan to share your thoughts with the larger world soon. They are just too good to keep all to yourself :)

Happy creating,


Kristin said...

Thanks, Elly, for the words of encouragement! I just might have to let a few others in on this... :)

candace said...

I cant believe I didnt know about this earlier! Your so very clever...I love it! What an insperation for me!!! Definitely addig this to my fav's, YAY!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks, Candace! So sweet!