January 24, 2008

c'est magnifique

Since I don't speak French I'm not sure what the captions are, but it doesn't matter anyway because I am completely delighted by these gorgeous interior shots of a private residence from Marie Claire Maison. The rooms are quietly simple and thoughtfully pared down, yet still have oodles of charm and warmth. The little bursts of color in the textiles and objects in an otherwise all white space are perfectly applied without feeling fussy or overdecorated. I love the large gray-tone horizontal bands on the living room walls (who would have thought horizontal bands could still feel so airy?!), and the dusty pink tones in the bedroom are softly inviting. The minimal, airy kitchen with the vintage folding chair and rustic wood table sitting under a crystal chandelier is just lovely. When can I move in?


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh these are beautiful - what a lovely find!

Kristin said...

ATBB - thanks for visiting... I haven't peeked at these for a while, and yet I still just love them when I look at them again today.