January 25, 2008

pillow talk

I am really loving these handmade pillows from Jacaranda. The pillows are made in the "traditional Oaxacan technique", and I am especially drawn to the mix of bright, bold colors and intricate hand-loomed details of the flowery design. I guess I'll just have to add these to my wish list, though, because at $250 each, they're a bit out of my budget. {sigh}

The folks over at Jacaranda have made it their mission to offer handmade products - mostly from Mexico, Central and South America - with an emphasis on sustainable design. So, if you've never checked out their goods, I'd definitely recommend taking a quick stroll through their site where you'll find all sorts of lovely objects.

1 comment:

missknits said...

these are fabulous too! i love the vibrant colors and big flowers! wonderful!