August 21, 2009


Another weekend is upon us! Hooray!
Are you up to anything fun and exciting?

Have a good one, and see you next week.
xo, Kristin

(Watering Cans by Bucks County Frames)

I just like this picture. It made me smile.


Dionne said...

Oh this is so cute! What a gorgeous photo.

Happy weekend! I have friends from Australia who arrived yesterday afternoon. They are asleep right now, but will be up any minute.

This weekend will be exploring the town with them.

Melissa Blake said...

Great photo -- I'm not sure what is on tap for the weekend. Those are the best kind of weekends, though, right?

nifer said...

Happy Weekend, Kristin! My man comes home tomorrow night, and I can't wait!


Happy weekend to you too, Kristin. The watering cans are too cute!

Kelsey Smith said...

Check my blog for a little surprise!

Amanda~Weekend Host said...

Me too! Love the simple repetition.