August 17, 2009

favorite things from a to z

(warning: lots of words, no pictures)

Just a few things that make me happy...

Anthropologie, "Annie", homemade apple crisp, AG Jeans (definitely my favorite fit; I can't wait to wear jeans again!)

vintage buttons, bubbles, ooey-gooey brownies, brunch with friends, blogs (from where else would I get all this inspiration?), Bleeding Heart Bakery blueberry scones

cardigans, christmas carols, C.O. Bigelow mentha lip gloss, crooner music, vintage cake stands, cupcakes, chocolate mousse, cookbooks, chesterfield sofas, cheese popcorn, camp fires, the board-game Clue

date nights with wade, dove chocolate, dark wood floors, dairy queen, diet coke from out of the fountain


farmer's markets, fortune cookies, flip flops, fonts, fireflies, flea markets

glazed linen, grilled cheese sandwiches, gummy bears, giggling babies, ghost stories

our honeymoon in Italy, hammocks, Hariboo raspberries, historical fictions, havarti cheese with dill

ice cream, Italian food, interior design books

Judy Blume's "Just As Long As We're Together," Jack-o-Lanterns, costume jewelry, J. Crew

kookaburra licorice

letterpress, lilacs, lulu, lazy weekends, libraries, "Love Actually," La Cucina handsoap, lilies of the valley

antique milk glass, milkshakes, monograms, my Michelle watch, memoirs, Michael by Michael Kors perfume

naps, Nestle Flips (chocolate covered pretzels)

otters, christmas ornaments, Oberweis dark chocolate ice cream

peonies, peanut butter m&m's, polaroid pictures, petit fours, photobooths, pop-up books, parmesan cheese, Painted Lady boutique in Chicago

handmade quilts

ruffles, homemade rice pudding, Real Simple magazine, running

free samples at Trader Joe's, stationary, stripes, s'mores, sundresses, sparklers, sharpies, strawberries, scarves, Sweet Mandy B's (the best cupcakes in Chicago!), spooky movies, "Sixteen Candles"

turtlenecks, Turtle Sundaes from Scooter's

ultrasound pictures of our babies!, Up in the Air Somewhere handmade pottery

homemade valentines, violets, Vinho Verde from Trader Joe's, vanilla steamers

Wellies, "When Harry Met Sally," white interiors, words to live by

"Young Frankenstein," yoga, "You've Got Mail"

(sorry, I can't think of any x's.... or z's.)

How about you? What are some of your favorites?


Rachel said...

love free samples at trader joe's!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link to Susannah Tucker's photo blocks! I ordered 3 and they just arrived. They are reminders of my 3 favorite places to be with my husband and 2 boys ... home, Jackson Hole, WY, and Hilton Head, SC.

I read your bio - congratulations on your twins on the way! I can guarantee motherhood will be your ultimate favorite thing!! And you should add Mo Willems children's books to your list of favorites once your children are preschoolers. Knufflebunny is our favorite.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

its a lot harder than it seems! :) i got to 'a'.. 'aaaa... hmmm... oh whatever, it's late! :P' i might do it some day.. in future.. :)

nifer said...

I totally agree on the C.O. Bigelow mentha lip gloss! I love it too!

mary said...

What a great little exercise! I love it. :)

...and what are vanilla steamers? I'm so curious!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the Mo Williams recommendation, Elizabeth! I'm heading over to Amazon now to read more about it...

Oh Mary, vanilla steamers are one of my favorite cold weather treats. Just steamed milk with vanilla syrup. I'm not a coffee drinker so this is my go-to drink when we go to cafes. It's like warm melty vanilla ice cream. YUM!

Kristin said...

Elizabeth! I just realized we did get a Mo Willems book for one of our showers, "I Got A New Toy!" I read it already and LOVED it. I'm definitely adding more of these books to my Amazon wishlist.

sarah said...

i LOVE lists!! yours is so fun to read. a few things on mine (i've kept it short) swimming in salt water,cashmere sweaters,
cooking,modern architecture, independent films,reading memoirs,comfortable jeans
long brunches,making playlists,
picnics, love letters, coffee ice cream, beach cruisers
grilled cheese, letterpress, fly fishing, planning parties
road trips,photo booths,
toy stores,cupcakes, surf movies,hugs,going wine tasting
interior design,outdoor concerts,pillow talk


What a fun list! I love lists so I loved reading yours. We share a lot of the same loves: peonies, ice cream, yoga, interior design books, Anthro, polaroids, gummy bears, Clue . . .

Kristin said...

Sarah - thanks for sharing some of your faves, too! I can't believe I forgot about cashmere sweaters. (Cashmere anything, actually!) And just seeing the words 'salt water' reminded me just how much I love salt water taffy... especially when it's nice and fresh.

So, loved reading your list too. Thanks!