August 7, 2009


Have a wonderful weekend, All!

I'll be running to the theater to see "Julia & Julia."
What are your plans?

See you next week!
xo, Kristin

(LOVE this... The Rush by Courtney Hood)


Anonymous said...

My fiance is coming to town for weekend (long distance relationship.. *sigh*) and I'm just making him dinner - Parmesan chicken breasts with crispy ham, carrots with marmalade and new potateos with bacon, :) and baking - brownies :) then we just plan to have awesome sunny weekend together! :) im thrilled!! :)

Kristin said...

Yum Filipa! That sounds like a delicious meal!! Enjoy every minute with him... I remember the long distance thing when my husband and I had to do it (for only 1 year!) while he went away to law school... it was rough, but I do remember how much I cherished our weekends together.

simplesong said...

such a great photo. happy friday!

Melissa Blake said...

I'm going to see Julie + Julia this week! :)

Ann said...

I saw 500 Days of Summer on Saturday--LOVED it!